“That Woman from Michigan.”

K Seles
2 min readAug 6, 2022

Will Biden run again in 2024?

Will Trump run again in 2024?

Will DeSantis win the Republican nomination if Trump doesn’t run in 2024?

Will Pence win the Republican nomination if Trump doesn’t run in 2024?

Will DeSantis and Pence split the Republican Party in 2024?

If Trump doesn’t run, he, ever spiteful, ever egomaniacal, will likely refuse to endorse either DeSantis or Pence since he despises both for different reasons.

If Trump is running from the law instead of running for president, the MAGAts will definitely support DeSantis. And what’s left of the conservative establishment — hoping for a return to sanity — will probably support Pence. Trump, sitting on the sidelines, will cause as much chaos as he possibly can. He’ll make the Republican match-up still all about him. A Republican ‘Civil War’ is practically inevitable. Trump would love that. Like his hero Putin, if he can’t have it, he’ll destroy it. In the 1912 Presidential Election, Teddy Roosevelt and Howard Taft split the Republican vote in a bitter feud that let Woodrow Wilson walk into the White House. Over a century later that scenario could play out again.

If Biden doesn’t run, enter Governor Gretchen Whitmer, “That Woman from Michigan.”

If Whitmer defeats MAGAt Tudor Dixon and wins a second term as Michigan’s governor, Whitmer would instantly be crowned a Democratic rising star. She’d be cheered as a Republican slayer, a fearless and fearsome fighter; the anti-Trump/DeSantis/Pence. She’d be that woman who stood up to Trump, that woman who stood up to the Michigan MAGA militia, that woman who survived a kidnap and assassination plot. That woman who is standing up for a woman’s right to choose and standing against the gun-crazed ammo-sexuals. Governor Gretchen Whitmer will stand ready and able to unite the Democratic progressive coalition once again and become the next President of the United States.

And here’s the perfect progressive ticket: Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, President — Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, Vice President.

We cannot win without a blue Michigan, and we cannot lose with a blue Ohio.

And here’s the perfect campaign slogan, mocking Trump while honoring Michigan:

“That Woman from Michigan,” Gretchen Whitmer, for President



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